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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for a great time, TT

THE EDITOR: The St Kitts Nevis Carifesta delegates arrived in Trinidad on August 15 to participate in the 14th edition of Carifesta. The contingent is comprised of 68 delegates in art, drama, music, fashion, dance, folklore and media.

To date, we have performed at several Carifesa activities. We have also availed ourselves to numerous symposiums, live performances, and other culture-sharing events, which have all been very educational. Moreover, the hospitality that we have received is greatly appreciated.

In light of this, we say a hearty thank you to the Government of TT, the Trinidad-based Carifesta Organising Committee, and Trinidadians/Tobagonians on a whole. The support and recognition that we have been receiving have given us the adrenalin to go above and beyond.

We also take this opportunity to thank all participating Carifesta territories. You have provided us with a melting pot of cultural experiences.

Thanks for the invitation and thanks to Kitts Nevis Ministers of Culture, Shawn Richards and Eric Evelyn, and by extension the federal government for affording us this opportunity to be your ambassadors.

We hope that in the very near future we will see your Caribbean faces in St Kitts Nevis, if granted the opportunity to host an upcoming Carifesta.


marketing co-ordinator

SKN National Carnival Committee

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