Prisons in need of radical reform

THE EDITOR: How many more lives need to be lost and threatened before those with the power to act use their authority and influence to reform the prison system?

Is any leader in the Parliament willing to stand up and say enough is enough? What is the plan to put an end to corruption in the prison system?

With yet another threat to the lives of prison officers, Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson said officers are “now running” scared for themselves and their families.

The attacks against prison officers continued on Sunday morning when an officer’s house was shot at in Pleasantville. Fortunately o one was injured.

This comes on the heels of a Wilson advisory to officers to be vigilant after several threats began circulating on WhatsApp, of a plot to “kill any two officers.”

It is a well known fact that prison corruption is rampant in TT. Governments past and present don’t seem to have the willpower to reform the prison system that is in desperate need of repair.

Absolutely nothing of substance has been done to defeat the corruption in the prisons. No effort is being made by the present administration to radically reform the prison system.

Although all prison officers are aware of specific prohibitions concerning conduct, corrupt practices continue to occur on a regular basis, including taking cellphones and contraband into facilities and aiding inmates’ escapes.

The Government needs to put policies in place to eradicate these practices immediately.




"Prisons in need of radical reform"

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