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Monday 27 January 2020
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‘Green’ Fete Weekend

Sanbox HD promotes recyling at its events

A 'fish' filled with plastic, cans and other recylable items at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.
A 'fish' filled with plastic, cans and other recylable items at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

Sanbox HD, the organiser of arguably the biggest beach party in TT, Great Fete Weekend, has kept its promise of being more environmentally conscious.

The five-day event, which ran from July 24-28, featured some of the biggest music attractions in the world, including Capleton, Fabulous, Baby Cham and Prince Swanny, with around 13,000 patrons. The hugely popular party event produced close to three tonnes of recyclable waste but with the assistance of Environment Secretary Kwesi Des Vignes, Sandbox HD collected, sorted and weighed plastic bottles and cups, glass bottles, cans and cardboard for recycle.

According to event liaison and PRO Adanna Asson, the team at Sandbox HD is cognisant of the negative effect of plastics on the environment and marine life. She said throughout the years, Great Fete Weekend has evolved tremendously and in 2019 the evolution continued with the event becoming 80 per cent green.

It is now their objective to begin a trend in Tobago that promotes environmental consciousness and to be 100 per cent green by 2021.

She said, “There has been a complete change of our mindset at Sandbox HD and we are aware of our responsibility as event organisers and as citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. We are encouraging recycling and hope that we are able to convince others to follow suit.”

Additionally, the promise to plant 20 coconut trees in Pigeon Point Heritage Park with the aim to combat coastal erosion was fulfilled.

Tourism Secretary Nadine Stewart-Phillip, THA presiding officer Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus and Des Vignes all participated in the planting ceremony.

Assoon said the planting of coconut trees will become a yearly initiative with Sandbox HD increasing the number of trees donated. The number will be a reflection of their anniversary year. She said Great Fete Weekend's impact continues to be undeniably positive.

"Through continuous assessment, Great Fete Weekend will continue to make conscientious efforts to contribute to a more eco-friendly Tobago. Ultimately, it is Sandbox HD’s goal to develop strategies to also decrease the amount of waste being produced by events."

Additionally, in order to maintain awareness on the effects of pollution, Sandbox HD has created a sculpture full of plastics bottles and cans which could have easily ended up in rivers and the ocean. Located at Pigeon Point Heritage Park, the sculpture is only half full at the moment and they are encouraging people on their next visit to the Park to feel free to throw all their empty bottles or can inside.

"There will also be an information board erected where you can scan a code with your smartphone and get more facts on pollution. We aim to erect more sculptures all around the island in years to come, in order to keep this awareness."

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