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Thursday 19 September 2019
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[UPDATED] Girl, 6: ‘They’re killing out my family’

Diego man killed, 4 children left fatherless

Alexander Sutherland
Alexander Sutherland

"They are killing out my family!" was the cry of the six-year-old daughter of Alexander Sutherland, who was shot dead in La Puerta, Diego Martin at about 6.30 pm on Tuesday.

According to reports, Sutherland, 30, was on Broome Street when he was ambushed by gunmen. He tried to escape by jumping over a fence, but his pants got snagged on barbed wire.

The gunmen took that opportunity to shoot him several times at point-blank range.

On Wednesday, relatives who did not wish to be named described the killing as heartless.

"Do you know what it is like to hear a little girl crying and saying something like that? And they still shooting like they don't give a damn," the relative said.

Relatives admitted that Sutherland ran with the wrong crowd when he was younger, but said after spending time in jail for different offences he decided to keep to himself.

They said he began selling drinks out of his home and focusing on taking care of his children, because while he was in jail most of his friends were shot dead.

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