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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

You can do better than that, FCB

THE EDITOR: The First Citizens Bank (FCB) Bureau de Change at Piarco Airport must understand that it is providing a service at an international airport and thus must operate in keeping with international best practices.

What I experienced there this month left a lot to be desired and could have been so easily avoided.

My daughter spent about half an hour in a line as there was only one teller on duty. She was pressed for time as her flight was due to leave shortly but she urgently needed to get some EC currency.

When my daughter eventually got to the teller she was simply told, “We don’t have any EC currency.” This of one of the “little” things that irk me about TT and is a stark reminder that TT is indeed a Third World country.

What would it have taken for management to display a visible sign indicating that there was no EC currency available? My daughter was in danger of missing her flight after standing half an hour in line when a simple display sign could have saved her that wasted time and some unnecessary anxious moments.


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Letters to the Editor

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