Why not to hang them?

THE EDITOR: Give me a good reason why not to hang whosoever slit the throw of three human beings when caught, charged and found guilty. This was done in the presence of children in Penal a few days ago.

It is there in the law written in black and white, put there for a reason, why not implement? I would like to say to all human rights groups I also believe in human rights but I do not forget that victims also have human rights, there loved ones also have the right to see justice equal to the crime.

If criminals know that they can get off, what I consider lightly, when they murder (brutally) citizens in our country, crime will not stop and that is the honest truth. Fear must be driven into the heart of these people – the kid’s glove treatment is a thing of the past and the full hand of the law, with all that is there, will be put in practice. So let me suggest to all the relevant authorities do what is necessary, if they cannot hear let them feel.

These murderers out there care nothing about life, it is just another day in paradise for them and putting down a job – this is how they see things. Let us send the message and act accordingly, time for some peace in TT – a new day long needed.


San Juan


"Why not to hang them?"

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