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Monday 27 January 2020
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CoP: Prisoner transfer part of safety protocol

File Photo: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

Photo by Sureash Cholai
File Photo: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith Photo by Sureash Cholai

POLICE COMMISSIONER Gary Griffith is defending his decision to ask for three prioners to be moved to solitary confinement.

He dismissed claims by Umar Abdullah that the move was malicious.

In a media release on Tuesday, Griffith said, based on intelligence, he made the request to Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson.

Abdullah’s media release on Monday said the Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (The Islamic Front), which he heads, is very concerned and baffled by the decision to put the inmates in a building he claimed was condemned and deemed unfit.

“The Islamic Front is asking which one of the three Commissioners of Prisons is, in fact, running the prison: Gerald Wilson, Dane Clarke or Dennis Pulchan? Can any of the three answer why these inmates were moved from Golden Grove Prison to Building 13, which according to prison officials is a solitary confined area at the Maximum Security Prison? Can anyone of the three commissioners explain why these three inmates are being caged like dogs? Given the fact they are remanded; innocent until proven guilty?”

He added that the inmates are currently engaged in rehabilitative initiatives and questioned if the move was malicious.

“Is this a ploy to frustrate the accused in the Dana Seetahal matter? Or is this an attempt by the three commissioners to lock up Muslim inmates like dogs on a whim? Further, which one of the three commissioners can answer why educational and religious books for Muslims in Arabic are being banned? Is this an Islamophobic idea by the commissioners?”

In response Griffith said he is curious as to why an external agency is so concerned over where prisoners are moved to or housed.

“Building 13 is one of the most modern facilities in the prison system, so contrary to negative utterances, the three prisoners will be well taken care of.

"On a separate note, the Commissioner of Police wishes to remind the public that (instructions for) dozens of violent criminal acts outside the prison have been issued from behind prison walls. The Police and Prison Services will do all that is required to eliminate communications between prisoners bent on targeting persons from their cell blocks and members of the public that are desirous of carrying out these wishes.”

Members of the public with any information about any intent to cause violence to members of the law-abiding public are asked to contact 800-TIPS, 999 or text 482-GARY.

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