[UPDATED] Birthday lime at bar ends in death

RAMESH “Steve” Sirjusingh was celebrating his 66th birthday with his son, Kristian, outside a bar near the family’s home on Monday night, but never imagined that would be the last time he saw his son alive.

Kristian, a law clerk, was shot and killed during a robbery at Michelle’s Bar and Lounge (formerly Falcon Crest Bar) at Bonne Aventure Main Road in Gasparillo. He would have celebrated his 29th birthday in October. His friend, Rishi Ramcharitar, was also shot but survived. Sirjusingh and a female patron ran off and were unharmed.

The grieving father said they were outside the bar at about 8.30 pm when two men walked past them and entered. They returned outside with guns and ordered the four inside.

“While they were concentrating on my son and his friend, I grabbed the woman’s hand and ran home with her. Next thing I heard was ‘bow, bow.’ I could not go back there because bullets were passing. I was studying my child inside there. It is so painful to repeat,” Sirjusingh said.

In about five minutes, police arrived and Sirjusingh returned and saw his son’s body on the ground.

“I lost a good child. If I lost a wife, I could get another to replace her but I can’t replace my child. He had called his friend to join him. I heard him telling the friend that it was a long time they did not get together. They train together (at a gym).”

GRIEF: Ramesh Sirjusingh, 66, whose son Kristian was shot dead by bandits at a bar in Gasparillo on Monday night.

Kristian worked at the office of an attorney in Chaguanas and was the father of a seven-year-old boy. He was the brother of a policeman who works in the Southern Division.

Police said the bandits stole Kristian’s wallet.

The bar has been under new management for two weeks. The new owner said the first bandit entered and pretended he wanted to buy food and cigarettes. The accomplice walked in and asked for a beer. The men pulled out guns and announced a hold-up.

The businessman, who requested anonymity, said: “All this time I was behind the counter sitting. I told the girl (worker) not to go outside. I pulled her in the kitchen area and locked the door so the bandits could not get inside. They were pounding the door.”

The owner and worker remained locked in the room and heard four gunshots. The man said he does not want to continue operating the business.

“I will move out. Firstly, I would not be comfortable coming to a place every day knowing somebody got killed here. Secondly, I believe no one will come here for a while knowing someone got killed. I think the best thing for me to do is finish up here and go.”

This is the first bar on his own, but he was beaten twice during robberies at the bars where he previously worked.

Police from Gasparillo and Homicide Bureau Region III are investigating.

This story was originally published with the title "Armed robbery at Gasparillo bar ends in death" and has been adjusted to include additional details. See original post below.

One of two men shot during a robbery at a bar in Gasparillo last night is dead and the other in hospital.

Police identified the deceased as Kristian Sirjusingh, who lived a short distance from where the shooting happened.

The injured victim is at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police said the men were at Falcon Crest Bar on the Bonne Aventure Main Road shortly before 9 pm when the armed men opened fire during the robbery.

Police from Gasparillo and Homicide Bureau Region III are investigating.


"[UPDATED] Birthday lime at bar ends in death"

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