TJ's white farewell

Tezhuannae Glasgow in a photoshoot for the Newsday's special Pink Paper publication in 2018.
Tezhuannae Glasgow in a photoshoot for the Newsday's special Pink Paper publication in 2018.

A little less than a year ago a beautiful, vivacious young woman walked through the doors of Newsday's Port of Spain office to share her story about her victory in her fight with breast cancer and to bare the physical and emotional scars it had inflicted on her. When the disease subsequently metastasized, Tezhuannae Glasgow put up a good fight but, unfortunately succumbed to it on August 3. WMN would like to take this opportunity to express condolences to her family and to thank her for courageously sharing that painful part of her life with our readers.

Cancer cheated them out of wearing white to Tezhuannae Glasgow's wedding, so they wore it to her funeral instead.

Glasgow's relatives told WMN she had always expressed the desire to have all the guests at her wedding wear white, while she would have worn a flowing, shimmery red wedding gown with matching elegant hat and veil.

On August 9, Glasgow's family and friends honoured those wishes when they gathered at the First Church of the Open Bible, Ruth Avenue, San Fernando to honour her memory, celebrate her life and bid her farewell. They remembered the resilient, determined little girl, who grew into a faith-filled, strong young woman, bent on fighting the dreaded disease, just as her mother, Allison Atherley-Glasgow, had done for over 15 years.

Four months after losing her mother, in October 2017, Glasgow was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at the age of 21. Less than a month later the cancer had progressed to stage three and emergency surgery was performed on November 8, 2017. A year later WMN had the privilege of featuring her and other survivors in the Pink Paper supplement, aimed at raising awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer. She had radiated positivity and her story had inspired many. She had beaten breast cancer!

Sadly though, not long after, malignant tumours were discovered in her ovaries and her brain. She subsequently had a hysterectomy and brain surgery. Glasgow fought valiantly through months of recuperation, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, determined to beat the disease again. On August 3, shortly after telling her elder sister, Tesheera that she "was willing to fight, but was just too tired", Glasgow died. She was 23.

Tezhuannae Glasgow in a photoshoot for the Newsday's special Pink Paper publication in 2018.

"This young lady was so blessed, and so blessed others with her faith and strength, that it takes four people to read her eulogy," her uncle Gerald Maloney said at the funeral service. Tesheera sister recalled "TJ" as she was fondly called, had moments of despair and fatigue known only to those closest to her, but never for long. She recalled that it was only in June, shortly after brain surgery, a weakened but courageous Glasgow smiled through a surprise complete makeover by the Fit to Fight Cancer group and posed for photos. Her brother, Teison, recounted their teamwork in "pranking" their elder sister, even while she was at hospital.

Her family dubbed her "the unbothered queen", as she refused to dwell on sorrow, pain, setbacks and ultimately, cancer.

Instead, she was remembered for her wit, poise, her pink, shimmery eye shadow and her penchant for being a fashionista.

TJ was laid to rest at the Roodal Public Cemetery in a white casket bearing the words, "TJ: child of honour and grace."


"TJ’s white farewell"

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