Talk over drinks : Introduction

Men across the world, for centuries, have had two major places where all the talking happens – the barbershop, or over their favourite drinks.

Men are not known to share their feelings very often or openly, but even the most brawny are known to share some of their deepest wishes, biggest dreams, lifelong passions, most regrettable missteps or "baby-mama drama" over drinks.

Whether over a bottle of beer, glasses whisky, good ole rum, tea, or coconut water after a run around the Savannah – there is always a link between conversation and beverages.

This series seeks to uncover some of what lies beneath the surface for men from all walks of life and ages. It lets readers into the space of what men really talk about beyond the random outbursts of "guy stuff" on sports, video games, drugs, sex and alcohol.

In this series we will explore the experiences of men and how their life experiences may be helpful for other men – and many women – in reaching personal objectives, overcoming challenges and finding their passions, while embracing themselves fully to live a life they can enjoy.


"Talk over drinks : Introduction"

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