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Monday 11 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Legal guns a two-edged sword

THE EDITOR: In TT we are suffering a migraine type headache because of homicides using guns. With thousands of citizens awaiting permission for legal possession, are we looking at ramping up homicides from a legal perspective? Prisons officers also want guns. What is the estimated final figure for legal gun possession? Fifteen? Sixteen? Seventeen thousand?

I humbly believe that legal gun possession is a two-edged sword. If attacked, it may not only be your money or your life but your money, your life and your nice new legal firearm.

Consider where the right to bear arms has landed the American people. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can embark on a killing spree. It is not easy to anticipate a mental health breakdown in TT as we lack in certain aspects of mental health care. Can murders by way of domestic violence be exacerbated by legal gun possession? A TT problem which cannot be ignored is the overuse of alcohol beverages. No gun licence should be issued without a mental health clearance certificate.

Is it wise to give permission for legal gun ownership before we reduce homicide statistics to at least 200 per year?

If accosted and you are afraid to retaliate, you cannot just drop your gun and run. Run where?


Diego Martin

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