Siparia corporation to dismiss 120 workers

Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh
Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh

THE Siparia Regional Corporation (SRC) will soon be handing out letters of termination to 120 workers because of a lack of funds.

Chairman of the SRC Glen Ramadharsingh said it is a sad day in Siparia, as he has never been a part of a corporation that had to let go workers.

“We are at our wits' end trying to find a way in which to rectify this situation,” he said. “We contacted the Local Government Ministry, working with the technocrats to find some emergency funds, and no one was able to help us.”

Among those marked for termination are casual and temporary workers. Ramadharsingh described them as the main watchmen of critical and essential facilities of the corporation, saying they played a very important role in its operations.

“There is simply no money for the CEO to justify keeping them employed,” he said.

He called on Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein to intervene to keep the workers on the payroll.

He also called on Finance Minister Colm Imbert to look into the matter urgently. Ramadharsingh is hoping the ministers can find a solution and keep the much-needed staff at the SRC.

“If a solution is not found then termination letters will be handed out on Monday morning,” he said.

Calls to Hosein’s phone went unanswered.


"Siparia corporation to dismiss 120 workers"

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