TT RideShare stops service to East PoS

TT RideShare posted on social media yesterday that it would no longer be sending cars into parts of east Port of Spain, including Belmont and Gonzales.

It said in a social media post that this is a temporary change for the safety of its drivers and customers.

"The frequency of criminal attacks originating from this area can no longer be ignored," it said.

On August 10 a TT RideShare driver, Se­gun Ekun­dayo, was murdered in Gonzales while off duty.

Customers going to and from east Port of Spain can now use drop-off and pick-up points including the Belmont Police Station, Siam/Apsara restaurants, the Port of Spain General Hospital and the NIB headquarters.

The company's explanation of the change was: "The safety of our drivers and our riders is paramount and supersedes any financial or marketing benefit we could derive. In light of recent events in which our drivers have been victims of the criminal elements...we have taken a decision to implement two changes that will affect the way we do business."

The second change the company is making is to verify its customers' identity, beginning in September. It said only verified riders will be able to request rides.

To verify a TT RideShare account, customers will have to upload a valid form of identification along with a picture, then follow the confirmation link that will be e-mailed to them, and make sure the name on their account matches the name on their ID.

TT RideShare says once the customer verification is effective, its service to east Port of Spain will reopen.


"TT RideShare stops service to East PoS"

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