Stop the complaints and do your job

THE EDITOR: For the past two-three weeks I have been observing chairmen Glen Ram and Glenn Ramadharsingh posting videos on social media complaining about a lack of funding for their corporations.

They blame central government and in particular their line minister and the Finance Minister. They would probably blame the Prime Minister too if they got the opportunity. Their rationale is that UNC-controlled corporations are being starved.

Yesterday I opened a newspaper to read about the chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, Dr Allen Sammy, flanked by two councillors, complaining about funding. He said there is an inability to deliver on basic goods and services because the corporation is starved for funds.

This led to me wonder because I have never heard the corporation’s employees complaining about a lack of salary payment or a late payment. So now I have to ask certain questions.

Does it mean that the corporation’s employees report to work every day, do nothing and collect a salary? Does it also mean that the corporation owns no shovels, no gloves, no working truck and absolutely not one pair of tall boots? I ask these questions because I assume that nothing happens at the corporation.

I must also ask: Are reports about relatives of people in the corporation getting Cepep contracts and jobs at the corporation are true and if Sammy has any comment on that or is acting on such reports?

People at the corporation think this is a safe seat and no matter what they do we will continue to vote for them. They deny us services and blame it on the Government. The council was elected to service the needs of the community and it has failed. We only see councillors when it floods.

Do the job you are paid to do. Wake up and stop complaining. An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Is that too much to ask?


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"Stop the complaints and do your job"

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