Quality service at civil court

THE EDITOR: The entire staff of the civil court office at the Hall of Justice, Port of Spain, are consistent in displaying a very high quality of dedicated service. I commend them for their devotion and professionalism in helping their customers.

These young public servants co-operate nicely and make the atmosphere customer friendly. The counter clerks are always firm in making sure that whatever document is forwarded to them is correctly documented.

There is one particular member of staff who is very speedy on the keyboard and the stamping of documents.

One day I arrived with documents to be filed and was told attachments were missing. I called the office but the attachments did not reach the civil court office in time, even as I got a five minutes grace period after the designated closing time.

I accepted that nothing could be done at the point of office closure, as pointed out by a staff member.

As a person who recognises great customer service, I urge the entire staff to continue their excellent service and their great relationship with the public. I wish them continued health and blessings.


Port of Spain


"Quality service at civil court"

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