Positive change will come to TT

THE EDITOR: I remain optimistic that things will eventually change for the better in TT. I believe that corruption in high places will be drastically reduced and that crime levels will come under control.

Some people believe that most Trinidadians are asleep and apathetic about the state of crime and other serious issues. Some are, but not all. People are slowly waking up.

Some people think things will never change. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe in the strength of the Trinidadian/Tobagonian spirit. I believe that the murders of innocent people in this country has not gone unnoticed.

Eventually good people are going to rise up and say that this madness cannot continue and enough is enough. In spite of all the negativity and chaos I strongly believe that we are on the verge of a revolution.

The people are already waking up and are going to demand change very soon by voting for a party that has the will to instigate reform of all that is wrong in the country and the people are going to hold that party to account.

I disagree that the all citizens have become numb and apathetic. More people are aware of the madness that is going on and I remain optimistic that a change is coming because many people have become much more interested in the political process and the state of affairs in TT.




"Positive change will come to TT"

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