Playing political mas in TT

THE EDITOR: We live in interesting times. Seepaul luck is not Gopaul luck. Crapaud smoking everybody pipe these days. Come the general election in 2020, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Never forget that the bacchanal now start and that it will not necessarily need a crystal ball to see who jamming still.

It is up to the media to keep the rhetoric flowing. Editors must publish without fear or favour. Leaning too far in one direction could lose reader support as news, good, bad, indifferent or even fake, is available on WhatsApp. However, we still love to read good old-fashioned newspapers in TT.

Is it only me caring that the trade union movement now, boldfaced as ever, see itself as alternate government material? No more PNM? No more UNC?

Can union leaders find a minimum of 21 squeaky clean potential ministerial men and women to win at the polls? Can they provide 100 per cent employment, prevent climate change and eliminate landslides and flooding? Which trade union leader will be chosen as PM?

Read my lips. TT is not a failed state. That is wishful thinking. Republicans and Democrats in the US, Labour and Conservatives in the UK, PNM and UNC in TT – third party politics cannot compete with the big two crossing the stage in the political savannah.

It is either PNM or UNC winning band of the year in 2020. All other costumes will be looking cheap. Laugh if you will but the Big Yard is for the big-time players.

TT is a democracy where we decide last minute who we want in government. And all who vex have five years (1,725 days) to stay vexed. End of story.


Diego Martin


"Playing political mas in TT"

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