No wall needed with improved prosperity

THE EDITOR: In the run-up to his landslide second victory, US president Franklin D Roosevelt said the “most serious threat to our institutions comes from those who refuse to face the need for change.”

He was speaking at the convention in September 1936 where he had thrown down the gauntlet: “Here and now, once and for all...bury that red herring and destroy that false issue...I repudiate the support of...communism...which would, by fair means or foul, destroy our American democracy.”

Today the democratic movement in the US has not shown how it will reverse the havoc it created at home and abroad during the past 11 years; rather, it promises more of the same.

Desperation means it has to court favour from communism and radicalism cells. Yet it has ambitions for absolute power from delusions in political correctness and destiny, contrary to the plural society. It is bent on artificial unity. What else does this party offer at this time beyond ideology and mental circus?

But the US can beat the fossilisation of its politics. It needs to engage its diverse groups into their own interests, into the common good. This is about the public interest, general and particular; the co-ordination of activities in public sector intiatives; the multiplication of commonplace economic optionalities; the renewal of sound economic policies; and the facilitation of enterprise and labour.

The US may not need a wall and would not be dragged about by ideology, if it improves prosperity and resources across the spectrum.


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"No wall needed with improved prosperity"

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