Policewoman in court for 1.5 kilos of marijuana

POLICE constable Karita Dalrymple, 26, was granted $350,000 bail on Tuesday afternoon when she appeared in the Scarborough Magistrates' Court charged with having 1.5 kilograms of marijuana.Dalrymple, who of the Emergency Response Unit in Scarborough, was arrested and charged on Monday night.

She pleaded not guilty before senior magistrate Indrani Cedeno in the first court.

The marijuana was allegedly found in the engine of her van at her Belmont Farm Road, Mason Hall home on March 28. She was represented by attorney Sidonia John.

Dalrymple, who has three years' service, was jointly charged with her boyfriend Kurt Eastman.Police said Dalrymple and Eastman were at her home when police searched for guns and ammunition between 1 pm and 6 pm. Nothing was found in the house, but when police searched her van, they allegedly found the marijuana. Dalrymple and Eastman were arrested and the vehicle was seized.

Another man, from Delaford, was also detained.Eastman was charged and Dalrymple was questioned before she was released.

Eastman, a 30-year-old handyman, also of Belmont Farm Road, Mason Hall, who works for the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour, pleaded not guilty. He appeared on April 1.

Eastman has pending matters involving possession of marijuana, a gun and ammunition.Cedeno said she had looked at the van to have an idea of where the marijuana was allegedly hidden. She said she is aware the car is registered in Dalrymple's name and she was at home with Eastman when the police executed a search warrant.Dalrymple's attorney argued that even though the vehicle is registered in her name, she was not using it. She also argued that Dalrymple and Eastman were not the only people in the house during the arrest, as her mother, brother and sister live at the same place. She questioned the police’s decision to arrest only Dalrymple, and not her relatives too.Cedeno reminded John that the instructions to arrest Dalrymple came from the DPP. She said all suspects will receive equal treatment before the court, adding that the offence was a serious one.Dalrymple was ordered to report to the Moriah police station once a month and to hand over her passport.Supt Ucef Alexander told Newsday, Dalrymple has been suspended, with pay, until the matter is completed. A decision on her continuing service will be made based on the outcome of the case.

The marijuana seized is at the Forensic Sciences Centre, St James.The matter was adjourned to August 27.


"Policewoman in court for 1.5 kilos of marijuana"

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