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Friday 13 December 2019
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Cop goes after gunman, shoots himself

File photo.
File photo.

The term “shooting yourself in the foot” was taken literally by a police constable on Tuesday morning, as his gun discharged and wounded him while he was responding to a report of a gunman seen in Cocorite.

According to reports, PC McClean was on patrol near MovieTowne along with PC Bart, who was driving the police car, when they got a report that a man had been seen with a gun in Cocorite.

They headed west in response but while passing near the Marriott Hotel, the car went over a speed bump. PC McClean lost his grip on his gun – a Galil high-powered rifle – and while trying to regain control it went off and he was shot in his left big toe.

McClean was taken to hospital and treated. He is now warded and resting comfortably. A 5.56 round of ammunition was found in the centre console of the patrol vehicle afterward.

A similar incident occurred about two months ago in San Juan.

On June 13 a police constable from the North Eastern Division Task Force was on patrol along Don Miguel Road when the strap of his MP5 got caught in the handbrake lever. While he was trying to take the sling off, the gun discharged and he shot himself in the leg.

He was also treated and discharged.

ASP Wayne Mystar told Newsday there is usually one standard training module when it comes to gun safety, but once an accidental discharge occurs, police investigate to find out whether all safety protocols were followed.

He added that superintendents of each division would frequently re-train officers in gun safety protocols.

“Safety is the most important aspect when it comes to firearms,” said Mystar. “We must adhere to it at all times whether it is at home, work or in public. The safety protocols must always be adhered to. We cannot compromise that.”

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