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Monday 9 December 2019
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Analyst: Marlene could quit as MP

Marlene McDonald
Marlene McDonald

POLITICAL analyst Dr Winford James said fired public administration minister Marlene McDonald should be prepared to resign as Port of Spain South MP, unless the PNM hierarchy decides otherwise.

He initially reckoned she should resign from all the posts she holds in politics including as MP and as PNM deputy leader, but then modified his position to say this all depended on whether the PNM thinks her remaining in office would be an asset to the party.

James at first called for her full resignation, saying, “What’s the point of holding on? We are not talking law, but ethics and pragmatics.”

Newsday asked whether from the Prime Minister’s viewpoint, the party would be best off by trying to ride it out rather than allowing a full bye-election for her seat that would re-energise the Opposition. “There has to be a dialogue between herself and the Prime Minister as to what course of action would more benefit the PNM.”

James concluded, “I’m going to say she should quit every high position she is in. However if by dialogue with the Prime Minister it is determined that her staying on can benefit the party she could stay.

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