A country cursed by corruption

THE EDITOR: For as long as I can remember we have been a country plagued by corruption. The corruption has festered over decades as a result of our inability to govern with consequences.

We have excused non-performance and corrupt behaviour by passing them off as “political bacchanal.”

Despite billions of dollars being unaccounted for, we simply as a nation accept that the money is gone and we proceed with our lives as our hard-earned taxpayer dollars disappear into thin air.

Corruption has naturally become embedded in our everyday life. Every day “we have to pass something” to get something done in this country. The simplest tasks, such as renewing a driver’s permit, is plagued by corrupt behaviour.

Our inability to question those in power and stand against corruption is what has our country drowning in debt. Politicians borrowing by the billions but yet we the citizens cannot see any of the so-called benefits.

The country operates on auto drive as thought there are no obligations to the citizens. No water, bad roads, poor healthcare, no money to pay government workers. The list goes on.

Corruption has become a deep-seated ideology that we Trinidadians comfortably accept. If those in power have set the example for corruption, what do we expect from the citizens? Hence the reason crime has become a dominant characteristic of our country. Monkey see monkey do.

We don’t even appear surprised when our leaders are questioned or associated with corrupt behaviour. We simply justify theft by saying who stole less. What utter madness!

Instead of turning a blind eye to the greed destroying this country, why don’t we start demanding proper governance and hold the thieves accountable.




"A country cursed by corruption"

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