Young responds to threats to prison officers

National Security Minister Stuart Young.
National Security Minister Stuart Young.

NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart has denounced the threats being made against prison officers and is assuring that their safety and security remains a top priority.

Young’s advisory came on Tuesday after threatening messages began circulating on social media, of a plot to “kill any two officers” and the shooting death of the ex-wife of a prison officer.

Sherry Ann Watson, 51 was attacked by two gunmen at her Malabar home, on Monday. No links have yet been made to the two incidents.

Young said all national security, law enforcement and intelligence agencies were on high alert and working cohesively to support the safety of prison officers.

Young also thanked all prison officers for pledging their support to the State and for their dedication to duty at the nation’s prisons despite the current challenges.

He vowed to continue working together with the Prison Service to provide officers with a greater sense of security while performing their duties.

Commissioner of Prisons, Gerard Wilson in earlier media interviews, advised his officers to exercise extreme caution and vigilance, especially when off-duty.

Wilson said while security agencies were on high alert, particular attention would be paid to officers who lived in what is considered high-risk areas.


"Young responds to threats to prison officers"

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