Volney disagrees with Kamla

Herbert Volney
Herbert Volney

FORMER minister Herbert Volney disagreed with the Opposition Leader that the Government has collapsed because of the dismissal of Marlene McDonald as public administration minister and the resignation of Garvin Simonette as a government senator.

Volney also said neither situation warrants an early general election, as being advocated by Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

In a post on his Facebook page, Volney said Persad-Bissessar's statements are an appeal "to the primordial base support within the UNC in order to stoke it into the false sense of comfort that the party is at present placed to win government."

He argued Persad-Bissessar's call for an early election means nothing to the majority of the country's voters "who want real change," and not for the PNM to be exchanged for the UNC in government.

Volney, who served as justice minister in Persad-Bissessar's government, said the Prime Minister has had his hiccups in government. He attributed this to leading a "poor crop of candidates in 2015" into office rather than an issue with leadership and governance.

Volney said Dr Rowley inherited a seriously problematic economy as a result of fiscal mismanagement. He claimed this happened in the last two years of the People's Partnership government, which he said was "itself no model of governance to return to."

In next year's election, Volney said, voters should seek to sweep the PNM and UNC out of power and put a new group of citizens to run their affairs.

Volney argued that only these people could find effective solutions to TT's problems, as using the old approaches, by exchanging the PNM for the UNC or vice versa, will no longer work.


"Volney disagrees with Kamla"

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