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Wednesday 13 November 2019
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No more traffic diversions at Diego overpass

Diego Martin pedestrian overpass superstructure.

Photos: Ria Chaitram
Diego Martin pedestrian overpass superstructure. Photos: Ria Chaitram


Residents and drivers can breathe easily as there are no more planned traffic diversions due to the construction of the pedestrian overpass in Diego Martin.

So says the engineer in charge of the project Jamima De-Martas.

She says, "They completed the installation of the pedestrian overpass superstructure before its deadline. The project is on schedule and will be completed in early September."

Despite the traffc caused on Saturday by the installation over the overpass, Diego Martin residents say it was worth it.

Newsday revisited the area to get reactions from residents, people who work in the area and taxi drivers, who last week shared their views on the erection of the infrastructure.

One man, who did not wish to be identified, says, "The traffic was a lot, but it did not affect me much. I used alternative routes and other areas to get around."

An elderly man and his son who crossed the highway to buy a tank of gas at the nearby gas station says, "Although the walk will be longer for me, I will make it because my life is important. I just hope other people do the same."

His sentiments were also expressed by Jason Mitchell, another resident, who adds, "The walkover was put there to save lives. There were so many deaths and accidents as people try to cross the highway. I really hope people understand its importance."

Lilianna Cyril, a supervisor at Freddie's Food Place, who last week feared business would be slow and workers would not show up, says she was surprised at the outcome.

"Business ran smoothly and workers turned out even with the disruption and increased traffic in the area."

Taxi drivers, meanwhile, say it was difficult for them to ply the route but had no choice because it is their job.

One driver says, "It had to be done, but I wish things like this did not cause so much traffic. Maybe they could do the work in the night, when there are less vehicles on the road."

There was a temporary traffic diversion from August 9 -11 for the overpass to be installed. The Y-intersection of the Diego Martin Main Road (northbound) to Morne Coco Road intersection was closed, causing heavy traffic at times on the Diego Martin Main Road and highway.

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