When will WI cricket be revived?

THE EDITOR: Raheem Cornwall pressed his case with a half century and fast bowler Chemar Holder impressed with a career-best spell, but West Indies “A” conceded its advantage following a top-order batting collapse a second time in the second “Test” against India A.

Stories like these continue to dominate the sports headlines as West Indies cricket continues to fail on all levels. The players show signs of potential and promise, but it all ends in defeat.

Many of us are sick and tired of being on the losing end most of the time. It seems like there will be no end to our misery.

West Indies cricket is dying a slow and agonisingly painful death. It’s time to revive our cricket and restore us to the glory days.

We need an immediate solution to our problems. We need to get it right from the top, starting with the board. The ingredients are quite simple: strong finances and infrastructure; passionate coaches immersed in the process; freedom to run the system without interference; and a flow of talented players from a powerful club and school cricket system.

When will West Indies cricket be revived? When will someone rise up and say “enough is enough?”




"When will WI cricket be revived?"

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