Webster-Roy denies forgetting her roots

Ayanna Webster-Roy says she has not forgotten her roots. PHOTO BY JEFF K MAYERS
Ayanna Webster-Roy says she has not forgotten her roots. PHOTO BY JEFF K MAYERS


Tobago East MP and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Ayanna Webster-Roy on Thursday dismissed claims she and Tobago West MP Shamfa Cudjoe have neglected their roots and are not doing enough for Tobago.

She said both MPs have ensured programmes held in Trinidad have also been brought to Tobago.

“Some people accused me, and they accused Shamfa in the past, that we went to Trinidad and we forget we roots. But I want to dare any one of you to show me where me or Shamfa forgot Tobago," she said during a People's National Movement meeting at the Calder Hall Multi-Purpose Facility..

“At every opportunity, we bring programmes and projects here. When my colleague the honourable Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs launched her 40 under 40 initiative, she didn’t keep it in Trinidad, she brought it to Tobago. She didn’t keep it down in the west, she brought it 'up country' too.

"At every opportunity I get to roll out any project in Trinidad, I ensure that Tobago is not left behind."

Webster-Roy also urged supporters to look at the long-term plan of the PNM.

"Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now."

Webster-Roy said she saw that quote on a T-shirt earlier that day and it resonated with her.

“This message called to my spirit, because the message is appropriate to our time. It is indicative of our style of leadership, our approach to governance and public administration. It reflects the PNM ethos.”

Webster-Roy said she has heard murmurs that "things taking too long under this administration" and previous administrations had more ribbon-cutting ceremonies to open or launch projects.

But she reminded supporters to be patient and trust their leaders.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have heard it all, but to those who utter those baseless comments, I want them to know laziness pays off now. Instant gratification often leaves one wanting and yearning for better in the long run.

"Hard work, invested time, care, passion, purpose and sound strategy pay off in the long run. The rewards are better, and more people benefit.”

She said TT will be a better place with Dr Keith Rowley as Prime Minister and Kelvin Charles as Chief Secretary.

She urged the audience to spread the "good news" of what the PNM was doing.

“Be the mouthpiece, be the town crier, be the messengers of good news. Too much is happening under your administration, too much is being done by your elected representatives and the word isn’t being spread. I call on the town criers, I call on the mouthpiece and I call on the gossipmongers – gossip the good news, let people know what is been done on our island and in our nation.

"This is a government that puts people first. This is a government that recognises that for us to move ahead, all parties – man, woman, boy or girl – must walk this journey together."


"Webster-Roy denies forgetting her roots"

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