TRHA audit findings not yet public

Health Secretary Dr Agatha Carrington, right, is yet to make public the finding of the TRHA audit.
Health Secretary Dr Agatha Carrington, right, is yet to make public the finding of the TRHA audit.

The contents of the recently completed Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) independent payroll audit are yet to be made public.

Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development Dr Agatha Carrington said the audit had been completed when she responded to questions from reporters during a July 24 post-Executive Council media briefing.

On Monday, calls to Carrington’s cellphone for an update went unanswered.

At the July 24 briefing, Carrington had said: “What I can say is that my information is that the audit has been completed. From the office of the CEO, he indicated that it was completed. I do not have the report and so I couldn’t quote from it at all. But I feel certain that that can be provided as soon as the report becomes available to me.

“I don’t have the exact figures in terms of how many persons have been placed on the audit, I don’t know. From the information that I have... it is that the audit was complete, so I do not have any information beyond that,” she said, adding that the contents of the audit would be made public.

“I don’t have it as yet. When I receive it, I expect that the report will be provided through the CEO to the board and that would be forwarded to me. Usually information like that is not for any protracted period, my expectation is that if for instance it is provided today, that is information that can be provided very promptly...because I don’t anticipate that it would be anything private,” she said.

On March 20, the division issued a press release saying the TRHA was engaging an independent payroll audit team. Given the high level of independence required for the review process, some members of staff in the finance, human resources and information technology departments have been sent on administrative leave with full pay and benefits.


"TRHA audit findings not yet public"

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