Marlene– the lamb we sacrifice

THE EDITOR: The Prime Minister said it loud and clear that no one is above the law and he is prepared to do whatever is right to demonstrate to the people that he is acting not for the sake of elections but in the capacity of his official duty.

We should have no pity on politicians. For ages some of them have ripped off the treasury and it was done without impunity.

Let us not forget Calder Hart who resides in a lavish resort in Florida. Politicians allowed him to rule over the Urban Development Corporation of TT, resulting in allegations of impropriety.

The continuous corruption or misappropriating funds for personal gain or for some quid pro quo reason has been going on for several years. Not one of the prior or current governments have seen it fit to bring legislation in attempting to avoid this corrupt practice.

So even though the PM sends a strong message saying that no one is above the law, the corruption and thievery that deprived the citizens of their blood, sweat and tears will perhaps continue like it has been since 1962.

McDonald is only the lamb we sacrifice to appease the nation, and tell the people the Government is serious about corruption (may be an election ploy). But all that is corrupted and concealed may never surfaced nor come to light.

There is none nor will there be any silver lining, so let us live on.


New York


"Marlene– the lamb we sacrifice"

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