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Monday 9 December 2019
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Imam begs Muslims pray for Kashmir

Imam Atiff Majeed of San Fernando ASJA mosque
Imam Atiff Majeed of San Fernando ASJA mosque

THREE things a Muslim must do in times of oppression – stop it with their hands, speak out or hate it in their hearts.

Pointing that out on Friday at Juma prayers in San Fernando ASJA mosque, Imam Atiff Majeed appealed to TT Muslims to offer special duas (supplication) for the plight of Muslims in Kashmir. “Believers are like a body; when one part hurts the whole body hurts.

"But since we cannot physically do anything to stop the injustice meted out to our brothers and sisters in Kashmir, I appeal to you all to make special dua for them.”

He delivered the khutbah (sermon) as the Imam, having replaced his uncle Mushtaq Sulaimani who died in Pakistan in May. Sulaimani, 68, was a close friend of the Prime Minister.

Majeed holds a Masters degree in Islamic theology and is an Islamic missionary from Pakistan residing in TT. A function was held last month to inaugurate him into the position of Imam.

India’s government has deployed thousands of troops in Muslim-majority Srinagar, Hindu-majority Jammu and Ladakh, Kashmir, after revoking Article 370 which had empowered those communities with autonomy.

Pakistan views the move as an attempt to infiltrate the Muslim-majority Srinagar. Saying that 700,000 troops have been sent into the disputed region, Majeed told worshippers that Kashmir was the most militarised region in the entire world and, for the past 70 years, Muslims living there have been killed and their women raped, he said.

The Imam added that the world had been witnessing an onslaught against Muslims, citing China as another country where Muslims were being tortured “on the grounds that they are followers of Islam.”

The plight of the Rohingya Muslims, the Imam added, seemed to have been forgotten as the onslaught against Muslims continues in other parts of the world, what with the growing threat of war against Iran.Majeed said, “I ask you all to pray for our brothers and sisters in Kashmir. Ask Allah to protect them and to save the women from being raped and humiliated.”

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