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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

A nation in decline

THE EDITOR: Let us face it, the nation is a great mess and most of our citizens deserve this because of the political party and politicians they support. They, like the government politicians, do nothing whatsoever to try to put our deliberate adverse situation and worsening condition right. We are supposed to be a rich nation on this side of the world, but looking at the overall picture, we are applying the same principles where democratic politics are concerned like many backward nations in Africa Here, however, things are twice as bad.

We have at present most citizens living in fear of their lives. They have now little good morals and live merely in hope, with many now jumping on the criminal bandwagon as a means of survival because of growing poverty and climbing unemployment.

We are surrounded by professional conmen and criminals in all walks of our lives, many wearing the masks of respectability, and those elected to protect the public show no compassion and seem to have no concern whatsoever about the lives of many of our innocent citizens.

The present brigade of PNM politicians has proven by their record to be the worse of the bunch of politicians we ever had in this nation. Where the environment is concerned, they are quite prepared to destroy its beauty for financial gain, and as for improving our towns and villages, this is a no-no.

Just take one look at Port of Spain. It has been in a state and in need of modernisation for many decades. Yet despite the PNM holding the rein in our politics for many decades, nothing has been or is being done to improve our capital. The same decaying principles of towns and villages are noticeable on the African continent.

We are riddled with serious crimes of all types and have a police force which appears to be useless despite the huge and regular amount of money spent in the past decades to bring it up to a good standard.

Then we have a justice system lying in tatters with a wayward chief justice who believes that because of his position he is above the law, and who is supported in this belief by politicians and other important dignitaries who should be playing an honest role in our society by not supporting his alleged underhand misdemeanours.

Finally, the economy too is in a state, for despite our dwindling reserves of oil and gas our politicians are still proclaiming that these assets are improving and are making no provisions for any form of diversification.


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