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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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PM speaks on Marlene’s arrest

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

THE PRIME Minister said the arrest of Public Administration Minister Marlene McDonald showed no one was above the law.

McDonald and her husband Michael Carew were arrested on Thursday on allegations of corruption and were yesterday questioned by police at the Professional Standards Bureau. Dr Rowley commented on the issue during an interview on I95.5 FM and recalled his previous statements on corruption allegations against McDonald.

“So at the time I said all along if the police investigation turns up anything which requires my attention or my action then we will deal with it accordingly. And we are at that stage now.” He said the police have taken her into questioning and he expected some outcome “one way or the other” will flow from that. “I as Prime Minister will be required to take certain actions then I will have no difficulty in doing so. That’s what the job calls for. But I am a little saddened this has come to this...because a minister finding him or herself in a situation of such interest to the police is a very serious matter.” He continued: “But the one thing that is clear, and should be clear to the country, is that, notwithstanding what others may want to say when they get into difficulty that it’s a witch hunt or that it’s for elections and so on, I hope that now persons would see that what we are working towards in this new society is that nobody is above the law and that persons will be held accountable.”

He said it was expected that fair and reasonable treatment would be afforded to all persons.

“And it is this type of development that will give the population confidence that we are moving in the right direction. So I await the outcome of the police investigations and the questioning of the minister, and whatever actions is necessary and required will be taken.”

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