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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Govt lacks goals and focus on crime fight

THE EDITOR: Is it that the Government is powerless to treat with the rise in home invasions, robberies and murders?

To fight crime, the police should be efficiently resourced with state-of-the-art equipment. However, this is not being done because, according to the powers that be, the Government has no money.

It is impossible for us, the right-thinking and taxpaying citizens, to believe these pronouncements. The Ministry of National Security has received billions of dollars over the past decade.

We will not accept that the money automatically taken from of our salaries daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly is not enough.

I believe the Government is just not focused. The lack of focus emanates from an oblivious cabinet with individual agendas and aspiration, be it real estate or construction.

You cannot accomplish any goal if you don’t set clearly defined objectives. We have not heard or seen any measurable targets outlined by any law enforcement agency or any government spokesman.

If I am a runner trying to beat my best time, I would set a target for every run that follows the last – 5K in 25minutes today so the next run should be 5K in 24 minutes.

However, this does not occur with the Government. Citizens are only furnished with the rhetoric that we will win the fight against crime. The question is how.

The citizenry has been informed on countless occasions that legislation is vital to the anti-crime cause. However, nothing has gotten better after an immense exertion of parliamentary time. So the question must be asked: are we legislating to seem productive?

At the end of its fourth year in office, the Government should be able to outline the progression and outcomes of its activities. Unfortunately, there isn’t a modicum of success to be celebrated by the current administration.



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