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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

The silly season has gone viral

THE EDITOR: We never left the silly season of 2010-2015. Pot and the kettle blackened themselves more than ever since then. The truth is setting everybody free to even more incendiary talk as stories continue to jump out of mouths that should have remained shut.

Everyone is cashing in on the murder and mayhem, political and otherwise. This is TT where every bacchanal is a self-seeking piece of something.

But in all of the “tankalang” the PNM and the UNC will remain the only two parties with enough base support to have sufficient strength to run TT.

Strong third-party and coalition politics died when the People’s Partnership disintegrated. The MSJ walked away first. The COP stayed but made itself look bad. NJAC remained as window dressing. Anybody else is not worth mentioning.

Fast forward to 2019 where the political stakes are sharpened like razor blades. We have a situation in which a few small third parties hope to gain traction based entirely on present-day murder and mayhem.

Read my lips. Even that will pass. There is no other direction left but up.

The bandit class remain determined to clean up without the assistance of the Commissioner of Police. Next year is not for talk of being like Singapore or any other pore. This is democracy TT style.

This is 2019. This is the year when the electorate will decide the width, the length, the height and political durability of the PNM and the UNC. It is not about hate. It is not about race. It is about who can present the most palatable representatives for the local and government elections.

The operative word is palatable. Because, let’s face it, pot will never, ever be able to call the kettle black.

The winner, as usual, is going to take all.


Diego Martin

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