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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Now youth can learn about TT history

THE EDITOR: Secondary school students and teachers now have access to additional reference material on the history of TT. The textbook produced by the Ministry of Education is a very commendable project, which will certainly benefit students majoring in history and those just interested in reading about the history of the country.

I attended the recent launch of the history textbook where it was announced that the publication would be placed in every secondary school library and also be made available at public libraries for those who have an interest in TT’s history.

Many of our youths today are ignorant about our history and the contributions of our ancestors in building the nation. This lack of knowledge has contributed to them not having a sense of self-worth and patriotism.

As a matter of fact, some of our young people can tell you more about other countries and other cultures than their own. However, this textbook would go a long way to rectifying this imbalance because students will now be able to learn about their history.

I am a history enthusiast and I am impressed with the level of research and documentation that have gone into the writing of this book. It is a very welcome addition to the school libraries and for students studying history – and also those who just want to read more about their country.



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