Works Ministry to look into Trincity flooding

The Ministry of Works and Transport may investigate the severe flooding in Beaulieu Avenue, Trincity, last week.

Communications officer at the ministry Kizzie Ruiz, told Newsday the ministry was aware of the incident and will discuss possible action with its Highway Division and Drainage Division.

Residents of Third Street East, Beaulieu Avenue, told Newsday that last Monday heavy rain started falling in the area around 12.30 pm and soon the street became flooded.

"There's a drain that runs south and when that drain gets full, there's flooding," one resident said. "That is a badly constructed drain which needs to be fixed."

He added that some residents had erected flood barriers outside their doors but that could only do so much.

"People's houses were flooded. I tried to get out the street but my car got stalled in the water, so I went back inside. I had to get a wrecker to move it the next day.

"It was really scary. There was even water bubbling up above a sewer cover."

Another resident said they had been experiencing significant flooding in the area since 1978 and their complaints to the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation had proved futile.

"We've complained constantly over the years but to no avail. Since this flood, the councillor for the area came and took some pictures but the corporation has indicated that they don’t have the resources and money to alleviate the flooding.

"Even rubbish bags could be seen floating because of the practice of gathering all the rubbish bags together and placing them on the street until the truck arrives to pick it up," he said.

He added that every rainy season or tropical wave brought anxiety and worry.

"It's mostly old people living here. This is the rainy season. What's going to happen to us? You wouldn't believe that a small residential area like this could have so much flooding," he said.

Newsday called the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, but when attempts were made to transfer the calls to the Disaster Management Unit they did not go through.


"Works Ministry to look into Trincity flooding"

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