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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Why State must hold on to TTT

THE EDITOR: Having watched the live broadcast of our emancipation celebrations and the re-enactment of the abolition proclamation, I sincerely thank state television TTT for bringing this very important aspect of our history into the homes of individuals who were desirous of being part of it but were far removed the capital city.

I recently read a letter to the editor calling for the State to give up television since no-one watches TTT, that it was a drain on the treasury and that it was being used only for state propaganda.

I reflected on what it would be like if the State were to give in to such a demand.

I wondered, with TTT in private hands as the writer suggested, whether the Emancipation Support Committee would be able to find the funds necessary to accommodate live broadcasts when the private owner calls his price.

I wondered whether TUCO would be able to afford live broadcasts when the private owner calls his price.

Witness what is happening to our calypso tents. Would we ever see the steelband Panorama live again and whether Pan Trinbago could afford when the private owner calls his price?

We are well aware of what became of Scouting for Talent and Aunty Hazel’s Twelve and Under. They disappeared because of lack of sponsorship.

I can therefore foresee certain aspects of our culture suffering since the money changers are only prepared to put their finances in a certain direction as they would believe they could control what the nation views – and when.

Let’s hope that if the government changes in 2020 that our state television does not end up in private hands. That may very well spell the demise of certain live cultural events.


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