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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Main reason Afro-Trinis are failing

THE EDITOR: Emancipation has come and gone, and a lot has been said about the perceived failings of those of African descent.

Certainly, not all Afro-Trinis are failing, but for those who are, there is one main reason. The African male in authority in their life does not know his role and function.

Thus, you have men fathering two and three children by the age of 21, who they do not support or mentor. In fact, they are conducting carefree dating relationships and can’t wait to move on to the next attractive and willing female, leaving child-mother after child-mother in their wake.

What becomes of these women and children? Many struggle and make it. Others, however, live lives of poverty, with a single overwhelmed mother suffering along with her string-band of children bearing several different fathers’ names.

They will be appealing for housing from successive governments, need help from kindly strangers, and even accept school supplies from the drug lord in the area.

When the son of such a family reaches a certain age, the onus falls on him to find some way, legal or illegal, to financially support his mother and siblings.

How can a father leave his seed, his very blood, to such a fate? Because he has no idea of his role and function.

As a man you are supposed to take your position as head of a home. You are protector and provider at the side of a wife. You are helping to build a secure nest for those who value security most of all – your women and your children.

A man in a home empowers everybody. He is a symbol of strength who, along with a wife, takes the onus off of a child when it comes to provision for a family and takes charge where issues and problems are concerned.

A father is meant to mentor a child, especially a male child, not just pass through his life. This is done by the example he sets in his life. An example of shouldering responsibility.


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