Farewell, TJ: Cancer claims young woman's life

Tezhunnae Glasgow. Photos by Jeff K Mayers
Tezhunnae Glasgow. Photos by Jeff K Mayers

Every October, Newsday produces a special “Pink Paper” which, while sharing the stories and celebrating the lives of persons who are battling breast cancer, also raises funds for the cause.

In 2018, Tezhunnae, known to her loved ones as TJ, so graciously agreed to open the window to us, to give us a glimpse of life, having lost her mother to the disease just before receiving her own diagnosis.

We are truly heartbroken to learn of her passing.

It was such an honour to have met Tezhunnae; she was a real trooper during the photoshoot, and her positive, upbeat attitude was an inspiration to the entire team, her laughter infectious.

Tezhunnae Glasgow during an interview with Ghenere Heera for Pink Gems, produced by Women of Elegance and hosted at Dwellings Trinidad. Photo courtesy Women of Elegance

We extend our sympathy to Tezhunnae’s family, and we hope her life continues to encourage all who knew her or who read her story.


"Farewell, TJ: Cancer claims young woman’s life"

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