THA official: It's a police matter

Police are investigating an altercation at Pigeon Point Heritage Park involving a Trinidadian, a THA official and his brother. The incident occurred after the Great Fete Soca Glow event last Saturday.

A video circulating on social media this week showed the THA official approaching a bleeding man and slapping a coconut out of his hand. Police intervened and the THA official and the man, identified as Keino Chandler from Penal, Trinidad, who was bareback and wearing white jeans, began arguing over who was wrong.

In the 24-second video, Chandler can be heard telling the THA official, “Yuh bounce meh, boy, is a racial thing?”

The THA official retorted, “The man slap me, all kinda thing. You assault me.”

In a TV6 report, Chandler explained that he was walking to his vehicle, which was parked closer to the entrance, when he was struck by a grey Navarra driven by the official’s brother.

“This grey Navarra pass and bounce me and drive off. I ran up to the vehicle, I approached the vehicle.

"When I approached the vehicle, I opened the door and I asked, What is the scene, allyuh does just bounce people and drive off?' and they started to say, 'You know who is we, you know who is we?'”

Chandler said the driver – the THA official's brother – then got out of the van with a cable in his hand "and strike me on my head. When I turned, he strike me on my back, and that is where the blood came from on my head.”

Chandler said he had to go to the Scarborough General Hospital for treatment for his injuries.

When contacted, the THA official said only, “A report has been made and the matter is now in the hands of the police.”

ACP Ansley Garrick confirmed that an investigation by Crown Point police is ongoing.


"THA official: It's a police matter"

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