Jessi Jacob
Jessi Jacob

MUDDY footprints left in the yard and on the steps of a house in San Fernando may have prevented a possible multiple homicide as frightened relatives opted not to go on a normal Sunday drive.

Seconds after 34-year-old Jesse Jacob drove off with his girlfriend Sapphire Jugoon, 19, from the family’s home at Martin Prime Road in St John’s Village, two gunmen ambushed them and opened fire.

Jacob, a fisherman and labourer, died in the driver’s seat at the corner of Cipero Road and Martin Prime Road shortly after 8 pm on Sunday.

Jugoon, 19, who was in the front seat, was hit three times in the left leg. She was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital, where she remained in a stable condition. A third occupant, a male friend who was in the back seat, escaped without injury.

Yesterday, relatives told Newsday that two nights before the killing, residents said they saw two strange men lurking around the house. Relatives later saw muddy footprints on the steps and near the front door. Because of that, they were frightened and decided not to leave the house on Sunday night.

The couple did not have any children, but Jugoon’s extended family lives on the compound. It was customary to take them, including children, for a drive.

The couple was going to drop off the friend at his home at Borde Narve.

Relatives believe the footprints may be those of the killers.

Israel Jugoon and Sunita Sankar, father- and mother-in-law of slain Jessi Jacob with Jacob's dog Mama at their home in St John’s Village yesterday.

Jugoon’s father Israel said: "I was on the road when Sapphire called and told me that gunmen shot them. If she did not react as fast as she did, she would have been shot in her head and chest too, but she bent down. Doctors said they cannot remove the bullets because it could damage her ligaments."

Israel said Jacob previously lived at Diamond Village, San Fernando, and moved in about three years ago.

"Jesse was humble and loved the sea. He loved to fish. I do not know him to be involved in any illegal things. To me, he was a good son-in-law. He used to help out around the house, sweeping the yard and washing dishes.

"It is very sad for a man to go so easy.

"It is good the children did not go with them this time," he said.

Relatives considered Jacob’s pet dog named Mama to be his only "child."

One said, "This dog will miss him. She was like his child. If Jesse was not around for a day or two, Mama would be crying."

Police said residents heard about ten gunshots and when the police arrived, Jacob had already died, and the gunmen were gone.

Jacob had multiple gunshot wounds.

Police from the Homicide Bureau Region III and Ste Madeleine are investigating.

This story was originally published with the title "Man dead, woman critical after Sando shooting" and has been adjusted to include additional details. See original post below.

A gunman killed a man and wounded a woman after opening fire on a car in San Fernando last night.

Police identified the man as Ste Madeleine resident Jesse Jacob, 34.

Police said at about 8 pm yesterday, Jacob was driving in St John’s Village when someone opened fire.

He died at the scene and the woman, who was in the passenger seat, was taken to hospital where she remains, up to today, in a critical condition.

Police from the Homicide Bureau Region III and Ste Madeleine are investigating.



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