Baby burnt at health centre

PARENTS of a baby born in June are contemplating legal action against the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) after the baby suffered first- and second-degree chemical burns to his lower abdomen and groin at the Barataria Health Centre.

Baby Jeremiah Rochard was born on June 11 at the Port of Spain General Hospital. Last Friday, he was taken to the health centre for his umbilical cord to be removed, since it had not fallen out three weeks after he was born.

After the procedure was performed, and the child was discharged the same day, his parents, Peter Rochard and Calystra Williams, said Jeremiah was crying incessantly and when they inspected the area where the procedure was done, it was red and swollen. He also had a fever.

An ambulance was called and Jeremiah was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope, where he was immediately warded at the surgical ward and diagnosed with chemical burns.

His parents were told there is a high possibility he may need skin graft surgery. He remains warded at the EWMSC.

Attorneys for Jeremiah’s parents Alvin Pariagsingh and Nera Narine wrote to the NWRHA on Monday asking for the infant’s medical records from the Port of Spain hospital, the EWMSC, and the George Street and Barataria Health Centres.


"Baby burnt at health centre"

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