A life in TT has same value as chicken

Imam Rasheed Karim, chairman of Ummah TT Muslim Federation, speaks to the media on Saturday about crime.
Imam Rasheed Karim, chairman of Ummah TT Muslim Federation, speaks to the media on Saturday about crime.

A HUMAN life in TT has the same value as that of a chicken, chairman of Ummah TT Muslim Federation Imam Rasheed Karim, said yesterday, as he called on authorities to join with residents of Felicity and Charlieville to address escalating crime.

He said in three weeks, four houses have been burglarised, three vehicles stolen and a resident shot and wounded.

"Bandits are wreaking havoc on our peaceful communities. We are calling on the Commissioner of Police, the Prime Minister and the National Security Minister to come to Caroni Savannah Road and try to render some assistance. The people are crying out."

He referred to Monday’s tragic incident at the Gulf of Paria, near Orange Valley, where seven fishermen were beaten and thrown overboard by pirates. He said based on reports, the authorities did very little to help in the rescue efforts.

"How are you going to tell the children, the wives and other relatives of these fishermen that the bodies of their loved one cannot be found because there is no fuel in a chopper?... People lives have no value in TT. It is like a chicken, that is the value of a life in TT.

Motorcade held on Saturday by Imam Rasheed Karim, chairman of Ummah T&T, to highlight the issue of crime, at Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas.

The bodies of four of the fishermen have since resurfaced.

The residents, Karim said, are dying to meet them, physically and literally.

Karim was the spokesperson in a small motorcade yesterday by "suffering residents" who highlighted the crimes plaguing their central community, and the country by extension.

It ended in a meeting at Pierre Road Recreation Grounds.

"There are no hot spots, Trinidad is a hot spot. Prime Minister you have a responsibility, a job. We don’t hate you. Come out and do your job. You are PM for everybody not only for a handful of people, a per cent, two per cents or 10 per cent."

Deputy Mayor of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation Faaiq Mohammed and Felicity/Endeavour councillor Debideen Manick were also in the motorcade.

Insisting that the motorcade was not politically motivated, Karim repeatedly criticised Rowley, Gary Griffith and Stuart Young.

"We are seeing the commissioner on TV, we want to see him in Central. Come down with your entourage. Stop talking and come out to meet the people of Felicity. Do not only go in John John and Beetham. People are suffering down here. People are starving for police patrols."


"A life in TT has same value as chicken"

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