Dole was a suspect in fishermen attack, police confirm

Akanni "Dole" Adams was a suspect in the pirate attack on seven fishermen, police confirm. Adams was shot and killed in Sea Lots by police during investigations on Wednesday.

Akanni “Dole” Adams of Sea Lots was a person of interest in the disappearance of seven fishermen in the Gulf of Paria on Monday. However, in a Newsday article, Adam’s mother said her son suspected who the real perpetrators were and tried to find them to hand them over to the authorities.

Dole, 26, was shot and killed during a confrontation with members of the Special Operations Response Team at a fishing depot near his Production Avenue home on Thursday at around 4 pm.

The attack on the fishermen by pirates has left four dead and three missing. According to a TTPS release, “He (Dole) was among several others being sought for questioning in this matter. The police investigation is still ongoing at this time.”

Also on Thursday, the police conducted several marine and land exercises in the Sea Lots and found six kilogrammes of marijuana, one kilogramme of cocaine, 278 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition, 1 Mossberg 12 gauge pump-action shotgun and one bulletproof vest. Again in Sea Lots, on Friday during an anti-crime exercise seized an additional 580 grammes of marijuana.


"Dole was a suspect in fishermen attack, police confirm"

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