Fujitsu tackles ocean plastic waste

The Fujitsu Group is expanding its initiative to reduce plastic use in business activities to resolve the ocean plastic waste problem, which is having an increasingly severe global impact on the ecosystem. The announcement was made by Fujitsu Ltd.

In a release, the company said through these efforts, Fujitsu will work on a global scale to raise employee awareness of the plastic waste problem, contributing to accomplishing the social development sustainability goals (SDGs).

Recently, oceanic pollution from plastic waste has been spreading, and there are concerns about the impact on the ecosystem due to the harm caused by oceanic plastic waste to many marine animals.

"The Fujitsu Group perceives this as one of the most important global environmental issues next to climate change, and has taken various measures worldwide to reduce plastic waste and the use of plastic in its business activities. For example, Fujitsu has promoted the use of fewer resources in its products and packaging, making them recyclable and reducing waste in its offices. With diverse measures and initiatives in locations around the world, the company has endeavoured to resolve the plastic waste problem on a global scale," the release said.

In October 2018, the group also created an animated video aiming to raise awareness of the oceanic plastic waste problem, both in and outside the company around the world. This video is publicly available for free in a variety of languages, and has been widely used in public awareness campaigns by local governments as well as part of teaching materials for corporate employee training.

"Fujitsu is now further expanding its efforts across its global operations by gradually ending the use of plastic cups and straws as well as no longer offer plastic bottled drinks in meeting spaces and café. In addition, plastic bottled drinks in vending machines on company property will be gradually replaced with cans or paper cartons, thereby reducing the number of plastic bottles used from about seven million per year to zero. Plastic bags will also be eliminated from convenience stores and other shops on company property, with the goal of encouraging employees to carry around reusable bags," the release said.

To strengthen efforts relating to business activities, the group said it will collaborate with external second-hand goods companies. Starting in the second half of fiscal 2019, the group will take such measures as the recycling of plastic packaging from procured components.

"Going forward, the Fujitsu Group will reduce the amount of plastic it uses across its supply chain, while cutting down plastic waste. Accordingly, the group will promote new ways of thinking and voluntary activities by individual employees with regard to the oceanic plastic waste problem, contributing to accomplishing the SDGs," the release said.


"Fujitsu tackles ocean plastic waste"

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