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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Reaping the whirlwind

THE EDITOR: Exactly what did you expect? Peace and harmony in our communities? Even now, with escalating crime, and an uncertain economic future, many are still standing firm in support of their party simply because they may be representative of their race, sect or religion.

The media are now very concerned that we are facing anarchy. The few who live in their gated communities insulated from everyday crime are now panicking as the criminals with high-powered weapons are indiscriminately showering bullets in public areas. Panic is setting in.

There is a passage of scripture from the Bible in the book of Hosea, chapter eight, verse seven, that says, “They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.” TT is not given a free pass from the laws of nature. To every action there is a reaction.

It is perhaps telling that this low in our nation’s history is happening after our recent experience with the two major political parties in service. If we fail to see the need to embrace a new sincere political direction with new people at the helm, the decay will eventually lead to ultimate destruction.

Many of those who are crying today ignored the calls for embracing a new direction as they enjoyed their party’s victory.

They remained silent when there were allegations that the two parties indirectly supported gang activity by continuing projects under the Cepep and URP umbrella.

They looked on as Life Sport and Colour Me Orange funnelled state funds to communities with very little hope for improving the long-term quality of life for the participants.

Very little was said when our Parliament was used to speak of e-mails and who had children with whom rather than make laws to address crime and the system of justice.

No one from either party accounted or even questioned what happened to the 70,000 plus acres of land that was once owned by Caroni Ltd.

Today, similarly, no one is saying what is happening to the land, buildings, recreation facilities, machinery and equipment that were once owned by Petrotrin.

While our youths are turning our streets into killing fields, the supporters of the two sides are engrossed with gaining political mileage from E-mailgate.

The average man on the street can tell stories about who is responsible for the gun violence that continues to plague our society. They and, supposedly, the police know the gang leaders, their members, their murderous activities and their place of abode.

What is the reason for watching and waiting? Could it be that it is not politically expedient to disassemble the so-called community leadership structure?

One can only warn as many in the history of mankind have unsuccessfully done before. There is no escape, you will sow that which you reap.

If one fails to embark on an economic recovery plan that seeks to maximise manufacturing, agriculture and tourism to augment our energy industries, then economic failure will result.

If one fails to enact laws to effectually and immediately deal with gun violence, the threat to property and order in our society, then anarchy will reign.

If one continues to vote along party lines simply because one wants someone looking like them to hold political office, then the management, economic and infrastructure development required will not be realised.

A word to the wise: take heed and act now. Unite in an effort to save TT.

It may already be too late to save the many who can be devastated by the anticipated heavy rainfall that internationally is destroying communities that are more developed than TT.

If you continue to ignore the call for effective disaster preparedness, water retention and drainage, then the resulting disaster will lie with those who could have done something now.


political leader, DPTT

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