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Sunday 19 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Why is Caricom silent on Guyana?

THE EDITOR: There is a deafening silence across the Caribbean archipelago as one of our Caricom nations enters another period of political uncertainty. Almost seven months after a vote of no confidence was legitimately passed in Guyana, elections seem to be nowhere around the corner.

The law says it should have happened, the Caribbean Court of Justice has mandated that it should happen, yet it is not happening. The major loser in this battle is faith in democracy, but no other democratic nation seems to want to speak out against a Guyanese government that has become a law upon itself.

Recently, in an attempt to be diplomatic, Caricom indicated it will not meddle in the internal affairs of any sovereign state. A seemingly noble statement, but it is also a cop-out. Truth is universal, as is natural justice, and sometimes you cannot sit and watch idly by as your own fellow member state descends into anarchy.

The constitution of Guyana says the current leadership is illegitimate. The Caribbean Court of Justice, which many Caricom countries subscribe to as their highest court, in the past advocated that others do the same. How then can Caricom continue to keep silent when the sanctity of its highest court is being soiled by the precedent being set.

Silence in the name of diplomacy cannot be seen as the right thing to do. Someone once said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. But sadly, another man also said that the only thing history has taught us is that we learn nothing from history.


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