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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Street signs need care

THE EDITOR: It appears there is no regular and systematic approach to the maintenance of street signs.

Some signs are largely obscured by branches, for example those at the northern corner of Belmont Circular Road and Norfolk Street in Belmont, Port of Spain and the sign at the corner of the Southern Main Road and Connection Drive, Enterprise.

Other signs are slightly obscured, for example part of the large sign in Tarouba just before the access lane to the southbound carriageway of the Solomon Hochoy Highway.

Others need replacing because they are rusted, badly faded, or broken. There are such signs in many locations, including those for La Rue Pomme Road and Santa Barbara Road in Maracas, St Joseph, Burnett Street in Chaguanas and Jordan Street in Enterprise.

In addition, there are signs that face the wrong direction, like the sign for Harris Street on the Southern Main Road in Curepe. And there are also signs with spelling errors. One example in central Trinidad is Madrass Road Extension. The main road in the area has long been identified as Madras Road.

Another matter is the absence of signs on many roads. For example, in Chaguanas there is no sign to identify De Verteuil Street, while in Arima there is no sign on O’Meara Road to identify the Lennox Yearwood Expressway.

I hope the relevant authorities give specific attention to the maintenance of street signs.


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