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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Leadership lacking in TT

THE EDITOR: President Paula-Mae Weekes recently delivered the feature address at the 44th annual conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and mentioned the immature behaviour that takes place in Parliament.

Instead of Government and Opposition MPs working diligently to update laws and debate crime-fighting measures, they insult each other – or walk out, wasting time.

All newspapers last week reported that the State is funding criminal enterprises by giving gang leaders lucrative contracts for infrastructure projects.

The ministers say they do not give out the contracts, but they have to be indifferent, seeing the thick 16-carat gold chains around the necks of gang leaders.

And the crime continues to escalate, making history last week in TT when 19 people were murdered. So naturally the public is afraid to leave home – at any time.

Something is very wrong with the leadership of this country, and I am hoping the Commissioner of Police, who is really giving his all to his job, does not get fed up and resign.

In the meantime the embassies are doing their job by reporting back to their home countries the crime situation in TT. Did I read somewhere that TT is trying to diversify and make tourism a major foreign currency earner?


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