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Tuesday 12 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Road in disrepair

THE EDITOR: I write in response to an article in the Newsday of July 15 titled “Councillor pleads for help for road repairs.”

I live in Malgretoute Village and join the call by Councillor Chris Hosein for the landslip in Palmyra Village to be repaired.

In addition, the entire Naparima/Mayaro Road is in a state of disrepair and no work has been done since the last general election in 2015. WASA has dug up that road at every corner and the Ministry of Works is blind to what is happening as no efforts have been made to repair it.

I thank the councillor for highlighting this problem and keeping it on the national agenda so that the shortcomings of the Government can be exposed.

We continue to suffer in the constituency of Naparima as we are a typical UNC “safe seat” and the PNM has no electoral benefit in tending to our needs.

It is time the victimisation comes to an end.


Malgretoute Village

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